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Dear Parents,

"Education is there to find out what we are for in this world"....Dr. RadhaKrishanan

It is a matter of pride for me to greet all of you from the core of my heart and pen this message. Here at HEM VIDYA NIKETAN we are trying our best to fulfill this motto with love, affection, dedication and devotion to our mission of molding the hearts and minds of the students in the positive and constructive direction. It is a Herculean task and it can not be attained without healthy and whole hearted co-operation and of course an encouragement from you all.

I believe that the reflection of educational performance, behavior and attitude of the children is the reflection of the institution as well as of the Parents.

We are grooming young children who are enriched with in value and characters and finally become good human beings and good citizens. I firmly believe that it is not possible by focusing only on cognitive domain alone, therefore we measure the affective and psychomotor domain also.

On school gives top priority to punctuality, discipline, regular work and sanitation. Whenever, you are in doubt, please discuss with the Principal.

You are always welcome with valuable suggestions and innovative ideas for the development of the Institution.

It is a challenge before the Institution and Parents to produce good and healthy citizens of the country. So, accomplishment for future venture.

Before I conclude, it is ethically important to thank our beloved Chairman Mr. Raakesh Kumar Sharma and dynamic Secretary Mr. S.K. Sharma for their tireless efforts, incessant support and expert guidance. I wish you a very happy and prosperous academic year ahead. Adieu till the next addition.