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SCIENCE LAB (space to explore):

The school has well maintained Science labs equipped with modern scientific equipments. The visual display of charts & models and above all the expert guidance of teachers develop a scientific temper among students.

COMPUTER LAB(space to Analyze):

The computer lab is well equipped with modern computer sets including Pentium 4 Pc's. The students are provided Practical computer training by qualified Teachers from I onwards.

LANGUAGE LAB(space to Correct):

This is one of the distinguished facilities at the institute H.V.N. recognized that in the age of globalization and interculturism, learning English language has become a strategic necessity . In order to ensure effective learning the institute has set up a language lab.

AUDIO VISUAL LAB(space for Sensation):

The ultramodern facilities and equipment cater to the future needs of our growing children. That's why the school has set up an audio visual lab. The lab is well equipped with LCD Projector, overhead projector, Flat T.V. D.V.D Player for educational CD's of films.

MUSIC BLOCK (space to evolve):

The acoustically detached music room is having Individual-space for personalized instruction, dance and drama.


The development of a child is a joint venture between the parents and the teachers. The parents are expected to come and discuss per school almanac. The P.T.M. day enables a parent and a teacher to a meticulous, free and frank discussion regarding the child's academic achievement, physical growth, emotional stability, Psychological behavior and many other related areas influencing the child's total personality development.


To provide adequate pastoral care to the students, the school has adopted house system. The school has four houses namely Rose, Marigold, Daffodil, and Lotus. Every student of class I onward on admission is placed in one of these Houses. Points are awarded to students throughout the year for cultural activities games & sports & at the end of the year, house gaining the highest number of points is awarded the running trophy.

SPORTS(space to run):

We at H.V.N believe in the maximum "Healthy mind in a healthy body". We believe in producing not just brilliant students but also great sportsperson. Sports help to inculcate a sense of teamwork and fair play. We offer the following facilities.

Volley ball
Foot ball
Basket ball
Hand ball
High Jump
Discus throw
Shot-put throw
Javelin throw
Table Tennis


Presently the school has arranged buses plying on scheduled routes. Admission to the school does not necessarily mean allocation of seat in the school bus. In case of change of residence, adjustment to another bus cannot be guaranteed. Bus users are advised to reach the Pick-up points 15 minutes before the scheduled time. No discontinuations of bus facility will be allowed during the academic session eleven month's charges are to be paid by a student for the session.