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The school has a vision to serve the ever increasing glory of India and to spread the message of universal brotherhood and service to mankind. The mission of the school is to give our students the greatest gift, the zest for living, the sprit of wonder & adventure and the belief that all problems and obstacles can be overcome with tireless labor and inner discipline.

The central concern here is to nurture every learner with enhanced creative skills and advanced technologies to contribute to the creation, application and extension of knowledge for the benefit of the society.


The school aims at the integral and personal formation of the children.
  • To impart quality education on public school lines, keeping in view the Indian culture and global perspective.
  • To equip the young one with quality of a good citizen besides preparing them for position of responsibility.
  • To foster creativity and cultivate positive attitude with an open minded approach.
  • To encourage continuity to strive for Excellency in every field. And above all, to produce sensible “Human Being” who would be the messenger of world peace.


HEM VIDYA NIKETAN SR. SEC. SCHOOL, run by an educational society registered with the state Govt., under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860, has been functioning in Khair since 2006.

The teaching of various subjects from classes Nursery Onwards is non mechanical. The concept of the subjects taught in the school are made clear to the children in a manner that they get interest in these subjects.

The school has the right atmosphere to teach the children and enrich their growth. They learn through Their personal experience, curiosity, capacity to do a work and their sensitive response to the environment, which the school endeavors to make secure and familiar. Besides stimulating them, encouraging them, generating, self- confidence in them and above all making them feel relaxed, the school also claims to take personal care of each and every child. The enlightened sections of population in KHAIR have watched the functioning of our school with considerable critical interest.

It has been found that the school was made a concrete contribution to the educational opportunities available in Khair. It is reckoned to be a school with a different perhaps unique, in many ways. The approach to teach children and the integrity of the administration of the school, have been found to be qualitatively different from the existing school in Khair.

A particular mention must be made of the fact what we know about education is being used very imaginatively to suit the needs of the children of our school.

In short, HEM VIDYA NIKETAN SCHOOL represent the modest efforts in taking initiative to impart education in an innovative and unconventional manner.



Shri Raakesh Kumar Sharma, an exuberant visionary whose holistic view of education does not only comprehend technical and professional skill but also life skills that enhance the quality of an individual’s life. His dynamic and multifarious roles and responsibilities often bring him face to face with challenging situations that call for versatile proactive leadership and new conceptual frame works. He has unbounded energy to persuade people to accomplish extra ordinary takes.

The young dynamic visionary man of courage and wisdom Shri S.K. Sharma Secretary of this school is a qualified Engineer by profession. He exceeds in lateral thinking and creativity and hence infuses the same spirit in all. He provides expert guidance in conceptualizing the scheme & new plans.